Android App Development and Design Company

16th Nov 2018


Online businesses are trying to go beyond the mobile-friendly website and offering Android app development. Thus, Android applications are winning compared to other mobile OS platforms.
According to the latest survey, Android has the market survey of more than 82%, in regards to the smartphone market. 
However, if the business is leveraging on an Android app to earn profits, the services of android app development company is needed.
1.Open Source

Most of the business prefer Android, as it is one of the significant open source platforms. There is no requirement to pay the amount for licenses or other charges. Businesses need not pay for sovereignty over authorizing and still have access to an OS which is portable.

2.Customized User Interface

This is the means by which the user can interact with the computer system, in regards to software and input devices. It can either build or break the app.
As it is an open source, it permits developers to adapt their innovative ideas into facts and build creative and interactive android app designs. It provides various ranges of customization possibilities.  Even the multimedia tools and data management functionalities can be quickly updated to the application.

Android app development

3.High ROI with Low Investment

Android development offers a low cost with an excellent team experience and with expert professionals. It provides a free software development kit to its developers and minimizes the development costs.

4.Quick market penetration

Android applications run on Java program which uses a vast set of libraries. Anyone who knows Java can create Android applications quickly and easily. According to a survey, many Java programmers are finding it easy to code apps for Android compared to other programming languages. Android apps make it easy to enter into the market without any stringent approvals. So, finding its place in the market is shorter.

5.Testing of Android app

There were fragmentation issues on Android platform which leads to paying a higher cost for testing. But with the recent changes in virtual and cloud-based testing, it made ease of life for Android developers.

6.Apps for everybody

It’s not a secret that Apple makes apps focused on premium customers with higher incomes. That certainly limits their offer of products and gives Android a whole field of opportunities for people with less incomes.
Android developers have the opportunity of making apps according to every kind of mobile device, either if they’re standard quality or high quality.

7.Integration with social media

According to Apps Chopper, in India, Android app developers render the best User Experiences for easy sign-in access with the app functionality.
Most Android apps give you the option of signing-in directly with your Facebook, Google or Twitter account.
With the Android app, reaching a large number of audiences, promoting an app, and maximizing the market presence has become more natural. The official place for Android app is Google Play.  Analyzing the above-said advantages, businesses can say that an Android app is the best platform to boost revenue and increase the number of customers.