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14th Nov 2018




There are many SEO companies which help you in creating the accurate content for your page.

Here are a few steps to guide yourself

1. Select the right keywords and use variations

To select the best keywords, you can write a list of keywords that you are looking to target and then go on Google Keyword Planner 

Keyword variations are also known as LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords which are essentially just words that are related to your target keywords.

When you use keyword variations you not only make your article more likely to rank for more keywords but also help Google understand what your content is all about. In fact, Google’s latest algorithm loves keyword variations.

2. The ideal length

Having people spend more time on your site will lead to better rankings as time on site is regarded as a powerful metric when it comes to SEO.

I know that writing shorter is easier and quicker but creating lengthy posts will pay off (trust me). This is the golden rule of white-hat SEO.

A solid way to write long posts is to search for the topic that you want to write about and condense all the information that the top 5-10 results present, that way you will provide the most information out of all your competitors allowing you to outrank them.

3. Linking

Cross-linking your content will not only lead to lower bounce-rates but also can help you forge a stronger relationship with your readers.

The sites that you link to should be relevant to the content and ideally should not compete with you on your own keywords.

SEO Company in Mumbai

4. Structure your SEO article

Here's a quick SEO checklist:

  • Make sure to only use 1 H1 tag
  • Divide your content into H2, H3, H4 sections.
  • Bold your keywords through the text to increase their relevance
  • Include an intro and a conclusion
  • Include images to make your content more engaging
  • Use alt text on all your images


5. Post Permalink should include main keywords


Make your post URL as short as possible while keeping the main idea of your post. Notice that the permalink on this post and how it includes the main keyword that I’m looking to rank for.

6. Create backlinks

A lot of guides about writing the perfect SEO post always seem to omit the fact that you need to create backlinks for that specific page/post.

You can build backlinks by reaching out to bloggers and have them link your article, guest posting on good sites, and more.

To be safer, always opt for an SEO services in India. There are many SEO Agency in Mumbai at your service.

Selecting the proper and budget friendly SEO Company in Mumbai is the main concern.