A guide to drive more traffic in 2021

6th Oct 2021


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the most effective and helpful tool out of the marketer’s handbook to accomplish your marketing goals, gain brand awareness, and increase website traffic. As of 2021, 68% of online purchase to shopping to review experiences start with a search engine with 53% of website traffic coming from organic search. Interestingly, 92.96% of the global traffic source comes from Google Search followed by Google Images and Google Maps. With such impressive numbers,  it is imperative to make the best of it for your marketing goals or business objectives especially if you’re an SEO company or provider of SEO services. SEO is only here to grow with the lasting effects of coronavirus and the digital era. SEO as the digital era is ever-evolving with newer trends by Google in 2021 and ahead.
Here are the top 3 trends to watch out for to drive more traffic to your website in 2021:
1. Pay Attention to Intention:
Essentially, why does google exist? To meet the user’s search intention and provide optimum and accurate results via Search Engine Result Pages. As any SEO company, your motto with regards to SEO should be what benefits the user benefits the SEO. When planning your content for SEO, make sure to study your SERP page thoroughly. The search engine result page is like the cheat sheet to understanding your audience’s search, question, or query related terms and to focus on content round such keywords, terms, and phrases to match the user’s intentions. User-focused content is king and by matching the intentions of your user, you’re gaining organic website traffic, valuable conversions, potential leads, and brand awareness.
2. The E-A-T Factor:
From start-up’s to mid-size to large firms, brands are the future of the digital era. Needless to say, SEO’s future is growing on the future  of these brands. Hence, the focal point of SEO is shifting the branding. E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust respectively. So essentially, the more authentic and popular your brand, the better your ranking and frequency. As far as SEO services go, it is important to focus on the EAT factor increase brand enquiries and search, implement the valuable and relevant content/keywords associated with your brands to build brand awareness and rank higher. Brand queries are a secret ranking factor, so as an SEO company our recommendation is to establish yourself as a trustworthy brand on Google to drive more traffic.
3. The Web of Core Vitals:
Last year in May, Google made it official for using Page Speed and user experience’s as a core metric to decide better ranking of SEO. Google announced three new core web vitals;
Loading, Interactivity, and Visual Stability. All of these metrics are correlated to page loading time. These core web vitals should be paid close attention to as your 2021 SEO strategy to appear on the first page of google and increase organic website traffic.
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