All you need to know about Magento 2

16th Sep 2021


Expansive Solution. High Performance. Creative Functionality.

With such empowering features, Magento 2 is the largest and most commonly used E- commerce platform in the world. Launched in 2015, with a vision to enhance Magento platform with contemporary and futuristic features, tools, and latest development practices and norms. Magento 2 supports any mid-size to large scale business to build and boost their online store. Based on the needs of the business, Magento 2 is available in two distinctive edition; Magento 2 Open Source and Magneto 2 Commerce. Open Source is used any business looking to build an online store, while learning and experimenting. Commerce is a more premium version of Magento 2 with empowered characteristics, advanced features, customizable options, extend security and full support and special updates. Magento 2 is also widely used for CMS (Content Management System) owing to its powerful and scalable design. Magento 2 also is known for its extensible codebase. With a growing community of more than 100000 online users, Magento 2 E-commerce Website Development is the most convenient and remarkable option for any business looking to grow their online business.
Why Magento 2 is our top recommendation as a Web Development Company:
  • Performance:
Magento 2 complements very well with advanced technologies such as PHP 7, payment gateways and third party extensions. Such technology enables faster load time with limited server resources, better E-commerce functionality, and better consumer experience. Magento 2 offers compatibility with various databases, web services, cloud services etc 
Magento 2 also improves site performance built-in page cache system.
  • Managerial Features:
As any store, even an E-commerce store requires specific features. With Magento 2 Ecommerce Website Development, you can manage offers, promotions, product management, multi-store, and multi-currency, and easy updates. Magento 2 advanced promotion rule binder, you can provide discounts anywhere in the site. Magento 2 also allows you to configure multiple websites or currencies with a subset in catalogue and variation in design. Additionally, Magento 2 also eases your product management owing to its flexibility and scalability.
  • User Experience:
One of the most important factors to any website. With Magento 2, your brand is sure to provide the best user experience. Magento 2 provides Elastic search, a feature which enables consumers to find products efficiently and quickly. Magento 2 provides a more smoother checkout process making it more user-friendly. Magneto 2 is also known for customer segmentation backed by consumer behaviour. Such segmentation enhances product or service promotion, helps gather relevant data and understanding, and helps provide better recommendations.
Magento 2 also helps in customer loyalty and engagement with ease in management of reward points, vouchers, store credits, gift cards etc.
  • Admin Accessibility: 
Beyond user experiences, Magento 2 is admin-friendly and easy to use too. Due to its high personalization in design and features, admins can easily access important information, manage products, and make updates and changes. Such dynamic features helps in better store management, saves time, boosts marketing and SEO efforts smoothly.
Magento 2 is indeed the future of E-commerce stores. With a growing community, futuristic attributes, ease of use, Magento is the perfect solution for any business to flourish sales, increase conversion rate, and boost revenues.
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