Content Marketing Trends of 2022

19th Jan 2022


Changes is the only constant. In the world of digital, trends are like the constant change which can make or break your brand. Trends on the digital ecosystem are changing every day to every minute. But undoubtedly, trends are like the sure fire to a create buzz for your brand. Trends are the way to reach your target audience, increase and build engagement, achieve successful results, and build brand awareness. Since 2021, there’s been a 43% increase in content marketing budgets with a successful 96% audience engagement & brand building. Statistics also suggest that content marketing costs 60% less rather than traditional marketing and generates 3x leads. In terms of consumer engagement as well, 61% of consumers made a purchase after reading recommendations & reviews from blogs.
With success rate of 70% by content marketers, it is proven that personalised & valuable content is the new king in town. While your content strategy depends on many variables such as business objectives and goals, industry, services & products, here are our top 4 content marketing trends as a content marketing company to watch out for:
1. Video Marketing for the win:
As compared to the previous years, video marketing is the most consumed format of content since 2020. In 2020, we as a content marketing services company saw a 50% rise in videos being consumed online. Statistics show a whopping 12.2 billion minutes being consumed since 2020. Video Consumption is an integral part of consumer’s journey as video marketing is actively being used by brands with smart product placement, business integrations along with informational content.
But how does it really build brand awareness? It’s simply based on how valuable your content is, where you choose to place it, and how well engaged your content is amongst your target audience. Since 2020, short-form videos have taken the digital market with a storm, From Instagram Reels to YouTube Shorts, short format videos are the best way to make your content reachable and viral. Needless to say brands using Instagram Reels and  YouTube Shorts in the right technique and way are going enjoy its benefits.
2. Better Keywords, Better Results:
Getting onto the top of Google Search is no cake walk. But by integrating strategic keywords, relevant descriptions and titles you can make you way to the top!
2022 will be focused on more intent-based searches and keyword targeting. Hence our recommendation as a content marketing company is to understand your target audiences intent and integrate the right set of keywords rather than salesy high volume keywords.
Another exciting opportunity to come on top of Google’s SERP’s is featured snippets, people also ask, image results, top results etc which is possible via the integration of right & relevant keywords. A good way to understand user intent & personalised SEO is to scrutinize your SERP, user engagement & clicks, review & clean up old content.
3. Voice over Visuals:
Podcasts are the next big thing in our digital ecosystem. One the biggest trend of 2021, podcasts and audio marketing is only here to grow in 2022. The podcast market is expected to engage and reach more than 2 billion people by the year 2023.
But why are podcasts a trend? Firstly, podcasts are easy and fast to consume content.
As a content marketing company, we see high engagement rates in podcasts since podcasts are a great way to replace in-person communication. Consumers often view podcasts as an actual physical conversation as they’re being walked and talked through in a human like condition. Accordingly to certain statistics 61% of consumers were more likely to make a purchase after listening to reviews and recommendations on a podcast.
With the right & relevant content, businesses and brands are successfully launching themselves as a business leader via audio marketing and podcasts. We highly recommend podcasts as a part of your digital strategy in 2022 to get your content running.
4. Quality over Quantity:
Undoubtedly, content is the king but in 2022, personalised content is the new talk of the town. As and when consumer start spending more time online, audiences have become aware of what type of content to engage with. What kind of information to be exposed with and what are the sources of content and information.
Mass salesy communication is so yesterday as valuable informational and relevant content is evergreen. 90% of audiences engaged with informational content rather than salesy content be it B2B or B2C communications.
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