Decoded the future of digital marketing

18th Oct 2021


Change is the only constant. Be it in the reel world or real world. Digital Marketing is an evergreen platform with newer trends, newer technologies, and newer advances coming out every day. Thanks to such rapid advancement and the coronavirus pandemic, digital marketing services has seen a drastic transformation too. From consumer engagement, to purchase patterns, buyer behaviour, to market statistics & data to processing & perceiving of content, each segment has had to acknowledge the ‘new normal’.
On the path of such new normal, for any digital marketing agency or skilled marketer it is imperative to stay on top of tomorrow’s trends. What does the future of digital marketing services hold? How can brands constantly innovate and keep consumers engaged? Which formats and platforms are best to invest in?
As a top digital marketing agency, let us decode the top 3 trends that are here to transform the future of digital marketing services:
  • The Automation Trend:  
Automation literally translates to automate recurring marketing tasks with machine intelligence. Marketing automation is a smart strategy to stay engaged with your target audience with quality content on a regular basis whilst saving important resources such as time and money. Essentially, marketing automation lets you convert new leads and nurture current leads with minimal efforts. A consumers journey with your brand has several interactive points across multiple platforms and sources, only a revolutionary automated system can predict, analyse, and calculate your ROI efficiently for bettering your marketing strategy ahead.
Some examples of marketing automation in digital marketing include:
1. AI-powered Chat Bots: Leads are made up of queries, interests, and contact information. So why not have a chatbot answer queries any time anywhere? Such chat bots save your time and redirect to genuinely interested leads.
2. Welcome Emails: Once you have received a potential lead, the next task is to build impressions and customer loyalty. Welcome emails are must for every lead to feel welcomed and acknowledged. While the machine impresses the client for you, you gain brand awareness with genuine clicks.
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  • The Short Video Trend:
In 2020, digital marketing was taken by a storm of short-format videos from Tik Tok, to Instagram Reels, to YouTube Shorts to Snapchat’s redesign. In 2021, 57% of the world population comprised of social media users with over 3.6 billion new users in 2020.
With such whopping numbers, it is natural of social media consumption to increase.
Focusing on the average 3- 8 second span of audience and love of all things quirky, catchy, and fast-paced, short format videos are the way to go. As a digital marketing agency, we recommend to focus on short format videos with exciting tunes,  interesting product placements, impressive brand messaging with enticing CTA’s to stay in trend. 
  • The Personalization Trend:
With a fast paced industry such as digital marketing, 2021 sure comes with its own set of advancements and preferences. A top requirement of succeeding with digital marketing in 2021 is more and more personalised content. We all know content is king, but personalised content is the new king. Today, audience and customers are choosing to ignore mass and generic communications and rather engaging with personalised and valuable content relevant to them. Needless to say, brands will have to personalise content, communications, and user-experiences in the future of digital marketing.
An effective strategy of such trend is Ad Personalization. Ad Personalization helps you to spend your money and time efficiently to your audience’s based on their interests, website visits, app installations, product recommendations, and past purchases. Such ad personalization helps your brand to be on top of your audience’s focus, helps build brand awareness, leads to relevant sales and conversions via different sources and platforms.

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