IOS vs Android Your best option

14th Jan 2022


Needless to say, Android app development and IOS app development is ruling the mobile application market. In 2021, Google had 3.48 billion applications in total and Apple’s App store had 2.22 billion applications. Over the years, Apple’s IOS development help 29% of the total market share and leading ahead, Google’s Play Store help a whopping 68% of the total market share with an average of 3% market share held by experimental software systems.

On the hit of covid-19, mobile applications are on the rise. Businesses had to quickly shift to online systems to survive. With a high demand in video conferencing and video meets, health, telehealth, & education sectors showcased a crucial need for mobile applications to adapt and sustain the new normal. Not only applications, but personalised, convenient and user-friendly mobile applications. Naturally, mobile application development is one of the most promising and steadily growing fields of the digital era.
By the year end of 2023, app revenues are predicted to reaching a whopping figure of $1 trillion with IOS app development bringing in more revenue in comparison to Android app development. With such exciting numbers, both IOS and Android app development present exciting opportunities, the real question being which is your best option?
As Android app developers & IOS app developers, here’s our take on the perks of each:
The Perks of the Mighty Android:
  • Adaptable: Since Android OS is flexible and open-ended, this presents a huge opportunity for developers to innovate and develop great applications with compatible hardware along with hassle-free development. Another great factor of such adaptability is such applications are virtually functional on any Android device. Java, one of the smoothest development programming language  supports Android application development supremely well regardless of the system,  since Java runs seamlessly on Windows, Linux, & Mac OS as well.
  • Connectivity: Essentially, an ecosystem is created for multiple devices along with Android App development. A holistic device ecosystem with holistic app connectivity with your TV, smartphone, car, tablet, laptops is created owing to the flexibility of this OS. In Android app development, you’re the luxury of expanding the app’s functionality to multiple universes.
  • Learning & Development: If you’re a learner in mobile app development, Android is one of the best platforms to begin with. Google supports budding developers by providing various levels of training programs, knowledgeable materials, guides, exercises for beginners to intermediaries to advance level developers. With such support, the world of android app development is sure to witness newer innovation and creativity time and again taking the future prospects forward.
  • Publishing & Maintenance: Google’s OS carefully scrutinizes & reviews the mobile application before actual publication and open to download. Developers also have to pay a fairly reasonable one-time fee of $25 as compared to the standard $99 fee of IOS.
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The Perks of the Novel IOS:
  • Designing & Development: Since Apple provides detailed guidelines and outlays for designing an application on the IOS system, developers have the bandwidth to focus on the application features and product rather design. Owing to such perks, IOS application development also guarantees a sleek and smart user interface and design.
  • Fragmentation: Most devices under the IOS family use the same version of the software in most devices from iPhone to iPads which makes the developers life easy as they don’t have to think of different size, designs, resolutions etc.
  • Simulator: In comparison with the Android emulator, the IOS emulator to debug and clear is much efficient and effective.
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  • Revenue: IOS applications are known to bring in more revenue owing to the loyalty and trust of Apple users towards Apple. In comparison to Android users, IOS mobile applications have more in-app purchases and revenues generated.
  • Performance & Security: IOS applications generally have power-packed performance owing to its close ended systems. IOS applications have less bug fixes and are highly secure in nature. IOS application are less prone to viruses, glitches, corruptions, or data tampering due to its highly encrypted systems.

The Final Verdict: 
Each OS has its own pros and cons, so which should you choose? Our suggestion as a app developers would be to weigh your personal pros and cons, understand the dedicate resources especially of your product, timeline, and budget and as well as picturise the final result and expectations before making a decision.
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