Organic digital marketing 101

18th Oct 2021


Digital Marketing is a part of daily lives. From grocery purchases, to reviews, to product or service research, to even planning a vacation, digital marketing has been a big influence. As a brand, such influences presents itself in two ways; Organically or via Paid Advertising. In today’s time, from building a brand’s image, to brand awareness, lead generation, conversions, customer engagement or impressions all primarily network back to one thing; Marketing. Your marketing strategies and efforts decide your brand positioning, your fan following, and your overall success in the digital era.
As a digital agency, let us decode for you why organic digital marketing is important in 2021:  
Organic Marketing is the marketing which has occurred naturally or without the use of paid advertising while building your brand. Organic Marketing has varied sources such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Blogging etc where essentially you have attracted leads and potential customers within your niche to your website not by serving ads but by providing valuable and knowledgeable content.
Like every marketing strategy, even paid and organic marketing has its pros and cons. The biggest pro of organic marketing is it’s free and natural while paid marketing is investment in digital marketing services via PPC Marketing, Social Media Ads, Bumper Ads, In-App Advertising. Organic Marketing is more of an intent based search while paid marketing is often viewed as artificial and pushy advertising. Consumers today are very careful of the content being exposed, and often end up only engaging with authentic, valuable, genuine, trustworthy content. In 2021, nearly 53% of the total web traffic was generated from organic search with mobile phone devices accounting for 50% of organic searches.  
Organic Marketing which is also referred to as inbound marketing is often compared to word-of-mouth marketing which is till today the most trusted and recommended source of marketing and advertising. As a digital services provider, our recommendation is if you have short-term goals with quick result expectations, paid advertising is the way to go but if you’re looking for a sustaining long lasting impressions with genuine loyal customers and permanent customer engagement, Organic marketing should be your first choice.
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Organic Marketing also builds your authority and brand trust naturally. Within your niche, quality content along with relevant product or service is a genuine way to help your audience and gain high levels of trust. Organic Marketing also helps build constant traffic to your website. As a digital services provider, we believe that once your target audience engages with you, you’ve been positioned useful and valuable, which in turn entices your consumer to resurface to your website and content which helps in keeping your brand fresh and excited in your target audience’s mind. The more relevant your content, brand image, products and service, the more like you’re to build a long-lasting impressive relationship with your audience.
 As a digital agency, here are the top 3 recommended tools for organic marketing:
1. Google Optimizer: Efficient tool for A/B testing for brands to optimize and evaluate paid vs organic traffic.
2. SEM Rush: Ace your organic and paid strategy with key insights and powerful metrics with this Keyword Planner Tool. SEM Rush offers keyword recommendations, to location listed searches, ad insights, and competitors analysis.
3. Woopra/Mixpanel: Brilliant tool to track the success and ROI for your organic, paid, or combined marketing strategy.
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