The Power of Digital Marketing in 2022

19th Jan 2022


The digital marketing scope is transforming with new trends, new mandates, and new technologies and software every day. With such evolutions, it is important for brands and businesses to stay-in-trend to beat competition and truly breakthrough. If done right with the right tools & technologies, the digital scope can empower your brand and bring you to the top. It essentially creates a ripple effect, the digital arena empowers your brand and you empower the digital arena with your creativity and innovation of new technologies.
As a digital marketing agency here are our top predictions for your digital marketing strategy in 2022:
  1. 1. Artificial Intelligence Everything:
Artificial Intelligence has be prevalent in the digital marketing sector for a long time, but with the hit of coronavirus, AI powered systems and software are taking over SMM, SEO, Email Marketing, and lot other digital marketing strategies.
AI-powered chatbots are the next big thing replacing human activity powered customer service. In addition to saving human resources, AI-powered chatbots will empower marketing and customer insights with accurate understandings, customer likes & dislikes, FAQ’s, demands & needs thereby empowering marketing research of businesses.
AI-powered technology will also help forecast predictions and trends better for businesses to stay in trend, predict seasons of profits & loss, growth forecasting etc. Additionally, AI-powered tools can help in digital strategies and objectives to nurture and retain potential leads in an effective manner.
The world-renowned company, Google has already started running AI-powered ads to optimize SEO efficiently to understand market statics and user engagement better.
Here are some of our top AI recommended tools:
  • Scikit Learn
  • Caffe
  • Microsoft Bot Framework
  • atSpoke
2. The Micro-Influencer Win:
Without a doubt, social media has become a big part of our lives. From influencing our choices, opinions, thoughts, shopping patterns etc social media is a powerful data tool as well.
With the power of social media, Influencer Marketing is still developing with newer trends. Influencer Marketing is growing with high-level influencers delivering millions of impressions among the million population of India.
With such growth, we as a digital marketing agency have noticed the increase in need of authenticity of content. The problem with brand deals and top influencers is the lack of honest opinions and more sponsored posts. Here’s where top influencers lose their power and Micro Influencers gain weightage
Since 2022 is going to be all about personalised and valuable content, Micro-Influencers are sure to arise as audiences demand more authentic, honest, and true reviews and recommendations with new creativity. Such content is to predicated to the most engaged with.
Micro-Influencers will be indeed be the sure way to deliver powerful brand messages to a trusting and loyal following since 2022 is predicted to be quality over quantity.
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3. The New Reality: Augmented Reality.
Augmented Reality has been explored and grown ever since the 2016 craze of the famous Pokémon-Go game. From virtual fitting showrooms, to Disney’s colouring book, to beauty conglomerates Loreal & Nykaa’s mobile applications to try out new and different makeup shades, look & feel, AR has seen a huge transformation.
With the lack of human touch due to pandemic and rise in technology, AR is sure to grow with newer brand innovations and newer marketing objectives with never seen before trends & results.
4. The Play of Video Marketing:
Undoubtedly, video marketing & video content are till date the most engaged and consumed format of content. And that’s not about to change anytime soon! As a digital marketing agency, we truly believe the power play of video marketing is to expand in 2022. With more platforms coming into short video formats, video marketing along with quality informative content should definitely makes its way in your digital marketing strategy of 2022.
Video Marketing is easy, fast, visually appealing content which is processed quicker as compared to text based content. One such fine example of video marketing are product and service reviews and recommendations, product demonstrations, BTS content, etc.
Even though, podcasts and audio marketing is also in the near-future, Video Marketing in 2022 will still prevail.
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