The Power of NOW@WORK

5th Jun 2018

I had a team member and every-time I asked him for a task, he told me that he was occupied with something and that he would do it tomorrow or later. I kept subtly following up with him for almost 10 days but still the same.. ’tomorrow’. Thats when I realised it wasn’t the work he had in hand but the ‘attitude’ he had to push things to tomorrow which was not allowing him to do the task I mentioned and possibly many other tasks. I must confess Ive behaved in the same manner at times where Ive addressed important issues on priority and the not-so-urgent ones Ive always pushed to doing later. Since I maintain a to-do list I realised it was almost 2 months and I never really got down to doing the not-so-urgent (yet important) tasks. This in-effect was causing my work and more importantly my Company’s Growth to slow down in pace. I began to notice more pro-actively and realised that procrastination is a problem with a lot of people in general which included some of my team members, clients and even vendors. Which brings me to point and realisation that The One Rule that can help anyone achieve their professional goals quicker, faster and better is The Power of NOW @ WORK.

A lot of people at work for some reason or the other are Ok to procrastinate their work and I think thats where lies the professional flaw. Sometimes its an unimportant task and Ive heard people say ‘we’ll do it tomorrow’ and at times its an important task, still Ive heard people say ‘lets do it tomorrow’. Maybe its out of laziness, maybe out of habit or maybe another reason but only if u change the ‘later’ to ’NOW’ you will see a major difference in the effects and results that it brings to your professional life and goals.

NOW is the magic word - if there is a thing to be done, the best time is to do it is NOW. Ofcourse, this cannot be applied as a blanket rule nor to be taken literally, i.e. you may have tasks to be done on immediate basis which need urgent attention and then move on to others. You will need to prioritise and do the more critical tasks before others, but point being - stop procrastinating and do what you got to do NOW and I assure you will see a major difference over a short period of time of what you are able to achieve professionally.

Try doing this NOW :)