The tomorrow of trends PPC Marketing in 2022

24th Sep 2021


PPC Marketing stands for Pay-Per-Click Marketing. Since its introduction in 2000, Pay-Per-Click services has been ever-evolving. Today, many marketers use PPC marketing to meet their marketing, sales, or brand awareness objectives, but a hallmark purpose of PPC marketing is to understand the profitability of digital marketing, evaluate cost-effectiveness, and essentially running budget-friendly advertisements while reserving set marketing goals. With newer advanced technologies introduced every day, Search Engines, Purchase Patterns, Consumer Behaviour, Advertisements, and Marketing have also evolved.

Due to keyword relevance and top listing on Google, the probability of customers making a purchase after clicking on an Ad is 50% higher. Such statistics also could be owing to the fact that 57% of users aren’t aware of the difference between a normal google listing and PPC service listing. Now in the increasingly competitive market, you want to make sure to get the most out of your Ad Spends. But with trends evolving every day, PPC Marketing can get challenging.
As PPC Service Providers, here are our top 3 recommended trends of PPC Marketing to follow:
1. The Arising Amazon:
Amazon continues to give tough competition to Google’s PPC services. Very much like Google, Amazon is in itself a search engine. Since Amazon has ventured into paid advertising business, they’re the 3rd largest and fastest growing advertisers in the market.
Another spectacular reason of the growth of Amazon’s popularity is Buyer Intent. Consumer today research on social media platforms, read reviews, study pros and cons but make a final purchase on Amazon. Impressing your audience with a rightly worded and timed ad can be immensely profitable.
In comparison, Google’s PPC services and other search engines have no such drive of buyer intent and fixed conversion rates. Amazon has a higher likelihood of conversion and prefixed buyer intent.

2. The Arising Automation:
Automation has taken over our lives in a steadfast faith. Automation in Marketing isn’t a new concept and as predicted Automation of PPC services is a top trend soon to catch on in 2021-22. As suggested, Automation will save PPC Services Providers time and efforts of manual tasks. Additionally, Automation of PPC Services will help in designing and running effective campaigns, achieve marketing goals better, calculate best fit bidding strategy for multiple goals all at once, present ad performance reports automatically, and essentially generate ads based on buyer intent, user intent, or website content.
With effective assistance to machine learning, understanding of algorithms, and optimal use of keywords with interesting copy, automation can be super effective in achieving marketing campaigns

3. The Arising Voice Search:
Voice searches indeed are the present and future. Smart Home Assistants and Personal Assistant speakers such as Alexa and Siri have taken over the markets resulting in 50% of consumers turning to voice searches by 2022. This opens up a huge potential for PPC Services and PPC Service Providers.
Here are some factors to consider with Voice Search and PPC:
  • Most voice searches begin with questions or commonly used statements.
  • Users register and process a natural language and tone with voice searches. Keywords may not be effective.
  • Voice Searches are most used on mobile devices.
To stay in trend in such competitive times isn’t an easy task. As the top PPC service providers in Mumbai, we’re here to make it easy for you! Get a free quote to avail leading PPC services in Mumbai.