Why Android App Development for your next business idea

24th Sep 2021


In recent  years, there has been a significant rise of smartphone users and mobile applications. Individuals use smartphones and mobile applications today for almost everything; From purchases, entertainment, shopping, communications, planning, reminders etc. With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, many companies manage staff, hold meetings, track projects and tasks on mobile applications. We won’t be wrong in saying that half our lives are spent on smartphones and mobile applications. The mobile application segment is ruled by two major players; Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android.
Amongst the billion smartphone users, Android is the one to go! Statistically speaking, 8 out of 10 devices used in the markets are Android with an estimate of 70% of devices running worldwide were Android as of 2021.
As a business with ever last digital era, it is imperative to have an application to survive.
Due to its popularity, extensive use, cost-effectiveness, and rise of potential users in a global market, Android OS becomes the top choice for application development.
If you’re looking for growth of business, ease customer engagement with a huge potential market, we as the top Android Development Company, highly recommend Android OS and here’s why:
1. When it comes to Android App Development, the advantages for the business is endless, beginning with ease of user interface. In Android App Design, UI designs are highly customizable as per the business needs and ease of user journey. Android OS development is known for its striking graphic interface option and recommend for gaming applications owing to great design and interface innovations. 
2. Android App Development is open source. Open source simply means it is loyalty free open market. It gives a lot of liberty of creativity and innovation to Android App Design Companies and Developers. There is no fee for using Android OS for Android Manufacturers. On the contrary, Android has a larger creator’s community with ease of collaboration and communications on future expansions and extensions of mobile app development. Installation of Android applications can be done from any source.
3. Android App Development & Design gives your business a very holistic sale approach. Android app development allow third-party marketplace extensions to enhance your sales and distribution channels by the means of new application stores or options of integration on your businesses website. Although the Android market is huge market, you can expand your business to several other potential markets.
4. As an Android Development Company, we truly believe Android is the safest and reliable OS out there today. Android applications provide higher safety from viruses, malwares, and various other external factors. Android OS has in-built features for security purposes, user protection etc. As a business it is the first criteria to provide safe and secure apps and android development is the reliable and trustworthy platform for the same.
Being one of the leading Android App Development Company, Android OS is sure the first choice for your business ideas with user friendly and budget-friendly features, wider pool of users, high customization leading to ultimate business growth.