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Content strategy is a long-distance race, not a sprint!

Strong, meaningful content is obviously the cornerstone of a successful SEO and digital marketing initiative. It is always the precursor of organic traffic, engagement, retention and ultimately sales.

Having established ourselves as a premier content marketing company, our team of experts take pride in working with your organization to understand the goals, target audience, competitive insights and factors that set your brand apart from the rest of the players in your domain. We understand the needs of your target group, couple it with the right metrics and provide you with the opportunity to lead your industry.

Our specially-curated content strategy plans include:

Our experienced team begins with in-depth research on the company’s mission, vision, values and the target audience. User personas, stories and journey maps are the next steps. A complete content audit is used to determine the website’s existing content and architecture to identify information gaps. The keyword research that we conduct provides further insight into what your potential customer is looking for and which sites they are being directed to. This is a sure-shot success strategy that contributes to a well-crafted content creation plan.

A quick content audit studies the site’s existing content and structure to help take a decision on content migration or redesign. Our industry-oriented team of content strategists and developers work together and perform comprehensive audits using the website’s existing URL to map legacy content. This ensures that no content or valuable data is lost during migration or redesigning.

This provides a detailed insight into the competitor’s content and the information gap on your website. Our dedicated team utilizes the information from the analysis to identify the keywords, topics and search terms that your competitor is currently using and probably ranks better than you in. Determining these search keywords empowers you to woo the audience with attractive, new content.

Keyword research usually identifies popular search terms and phrases that the potential customer looks for. Our detailed keyword research gives you a heads-up of the demands in your line of work.

As part of our distinguished content marketing services, our in-house strategists assist you to forge an effective content creation plan to ensure your intended messaging is disseminated to your target audience through all relevant mediums.

We have created a niche for ourselves for drafting strategic content tailor-made for every client, be it for websites, social media posts, blog posts, eBooks, customer testimonials, white papers, case studies and more.

In this era of digital marketing, our team gives your business a fillip by optimizing the site’s SEO through keyword research, meta descriptions, URL structure, alternative image text as well as inbound and outbound linking.