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Web testing, or website testing, entails checking a web application or website for potential bugs before it is made live and accessible to the general public. Web testing is critical to check for functionality, usability, security, compatibility as well as performance of any app or website. Apart from analysing the effectiveness of any marketing campaign, it forms a very crucial part of the overall performance of a business vis-a-vis pertinent issues like back linking, SEO performance, codes and frames which need to be periodically evaluated to ensure their best performance.

As a leading provider of website testing services, Kwebmaker offers a wide array of value-added testing solutions which boast of the highest quality and efficiency to helps our clients achieve their business aspirations. Our team of professional testing experts understand the needs of every client by employing the most competent and cost-effective ways. We have earned a reputation for ourselves by providing our top clients with the edge when it comes to achieving operational efficiencies, reduced time to market, enhanced credibility, significant ROI and higher customer retention.

Some of our testing services include the following:

Our dedicated testing experts check all internal and external links, verify data integrity, system workflow and ensure that there are no indirect redirects. Verifying the website interfaces and associated flow of data also fall under the purview of our offered services.

Both browser and operating system testing are carried out to check the compatibility of a website or application across various platforms.

This involves processes like stress testing and website load testing to gauge the responsiveness and scalability of any website. The ultimate goal is obviously to improve the end-user experience.

We ensure your website is safe and secure against unauthorized access and data theft by carrying out key security checks like injection, cross-site scripting, sensitive data exposure and cross-site request forgery.

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