Custom Vs. Templated Websites: What’s The Difference

4th Jun 2024


No doubt, all brands have their online presence. But the issue arises – which is the best choice in custom vs templated website? Both approaches have their own set of advantages and drawbacks. However, while making the right choice, some factors have to be considered, like - specific needs, budget, and long-term goals.

There is much to this article because we are here to explore the differences between a custom and a templated website to help you make a sound decision.

Custom vs Templated Websites: Which Is Best for Your Business in 2024?

  • Basic definition

    A custom template is where you make a website from scratch. The web development team manages every element, from navigation to graphics to content. In a custom design, there is a chance to design the website in various ways using various technology/coding languages. However, on a templated website – everything is pre-designed. Most importantly, these templates are cost-effective or sometimes free. Customization in these templates is nearly impossible. Besides, as a user of a templated website, you have to drag and drop or add your elements to the template and personalize it with your content.
  • Level of customization

    When it comes to custom vs templated websites in terms of customization, undoubtedly, a custom website is a winner. It allows you to create a site that meets your business goals. You have more control over the design, functionality, and content. Besides, if you want some additional functionality, especially a complex one, a developer can handle your woes.
    However, things are different on a template website. As mentioned above, customization is not a cakewalk. You cannot include any complex functionality or control the design as you choose. Template websites lack certain functionality, so altering or adding can be difficult. Besides, finding a template that satisfies all your business needs is next to impossible.
  • The level of uniqueness

    If you compare custom and templated websites, you will realize that custom websites are more unique. The color palette you choose, the animation, the design elements, and even the call-to-action are customized to complement your business requirements.
    However, template websites have the same design. So, if over 100 businesses download one template, then all the 100 websites are going to look the same. So, the percentage of uniqueness is minimal.
  • End-to-end timeline

    A custom website requires designing everything from scratch, and customization takes time. Hence, if you are going to have a custom website, don’t expect a hard and fast solution. Beautiful things take time to shape up, and nothing is readymade.
    However, a template website has everything pre-built, including all the design elements. So, if you have a knack for design and your content is ready, you might design a website in a couple of hours.
  • The level of satisfaction

    When it comes to a customized website, the satisfaction level is definitely high because the user experience (UX) is designed according to the visitors’ preferences. The navigation is smooth, and the visitor may find everything in one click, thus adding to their satisfaction, earning their loyalty, and resulting in more conversions.
    However, templates are very basic when it comes to design. As they are pre-designed, they have a fixed structure, and there are limitations for navigation, too. Due to this, the user experience may dwindle, and visitors may give such websites a pass.
  • Loading speed

    There are many template websites with doubtful code. Due to this, one may face major problems like slow page loading, dwindling Google ranking, and overall slothful performance. This can give users a hard time navigating. However, customized websites are equipped with the latest updates as the newest development practices are thoroughly implemented. Their design is such that they please the Google ranking and boost the loading speed and overall performance.
  • Cost-effectiveness

    The most important difference between a template and a custom website is cost-effectiveness. A custom website’s cost will undoubtedly be high because every element you incorporate is customized according to your business goals. The developer has to write code for every minute addition, and all these efforts may take up your budget. However, every element in the templated website is already present. Due to a lack of customization, there is little to do! In fact, if you have basic design knowledge, you can create your own website without paying the developer. Thus, templated websites are a boon for small businesses because they have a tight budget.

What Are the Questions to Ask Before Finalizing the Type of Website?

If you are unsure about the roadmap or the ultimate choice to make, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How soon do I need the website? If you want the website up and running in a few days, a template should be your choice.
  • Do I require unique functionality or call-to-actions? If you need specific elements incorporated or special functionality, a template website may not be suitable. A customized website can include elements that align with your goals.
  • Am I looking for a unique website? If you answered yes, then go for a customized website. While a great website developer can add some customizations to a template, it will still be somewhat limited as template websites are pre-designed. Custom websites, however, are designed from scratch, helping your website stand out amidst the competition.
  • Am I going to update my website periodically? Template websites are hard to customize and lack flexibility, so making changes to them can be challenging. However, customized websites offer more flexibility, allowing you to make changes whenever needed.

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