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A whopping 68% of all online activities commence with a search engine.

The ever-evolving search engine optimization (SEO) eventually boils down to ranking high on the search engine results page. This advanced technology bridges the gap between the customers and any business by increasing visibility and organic traffic to the website. As a premier SEO company, our job is not just restricted to getting more visitors to your site; we grab the attention of that category of visitors that will convert into new, profitable customers.

Being a top-of-the-line SEO agency, we possess a specialized team of experts with the ability to handle diversified SEO scenarios. We embark on changing your business altogether with the guaranteed diversion of relevant traffic to your website. Our solid processes and customized solutions, using the latest updated versions of algorithms, offer true commitment to innovations from SEO.

Our result-oriented SEO services in Mumbai have met with stupendous success owing to implementation of some of the following strategies:

Our team of expert digital marketing consultants identify and set aggressive yet realistic goals to commence any SEO campaign. Our strategic, customer-centric goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timeline-bound to achieve more sales.

As a primary step to creating an implementation plan, our SEO specialists comb through your website to obtain a better understanding of its strengths and weaknesses. With an extensive range of SEO tools, we look at the big picture by prioritizing the elements of your website that are the most beneficial. This is followed by sharing comprehensive reports and actionable plans.

A SEO competitor analysis enables us to give our clients the insight why competitors are outranking them and what to do about it. This process entails identifying the competitors, evaluating keyword difficulty, searching for new keyword opportunities, analyzing on-site content, digging into competitor backlink profiles, examining site structure and tracking spends on advertisement.

Our experienced team brainstorms to come up with unique, compelling content targeted to engage your customers and perform with flying colours in the search engines. We follow this up assigning and scheduling your article submissions, disseminating your Press Releases and generate meaningful content for your blog posts.

Some of our highly successful SEO activities include:

Our work as a SEO agency also involves this critical phase to provide valuable insights into the queries that your target group is actually searching for online. As part of our in-depth keyword research, we stress on relevance, authority and volume. This research is hugely beneficial for every SEO task performed by any enterprise, including finding current topics, on-page SEO, e-mail outreach and content promotion.

This necessitates Meta Tags Optimization, Page Headings, URL Analysis, URL Redirection, URL Rewrite, Content optimization, Header Tags Optimization, Image Alt Txt, Webmasters Error check, Sitemap Creation (HTML/XML), robots.txt file creation, Blog setup, Analytics Code/Webmaster Code Setup,Website Audit, Site Structure Check, Competitor Analysis, Check Keyword Density, Fetch As Google, Google Local/Maps Registration, Mobile Site Compatibility, Custom 404 Error Page, Content Optimization, Canonical Link Check.

This calls for Google/Bing Map Listing, Local Business Listing, Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Article Submission, Blog Commenting, Blog Marketing, Image Submission, Video Submission, Available PDF Optimization, PPT Submission, Profile Link Creation, Question & Answers, Press Release Submission, Link Building, Search Engine Submission, Classified Submission as well as Video Optimization.

We set up business tools like like Google Analytics, Google search console, Google Keyword Planner, Google my business, SEMrush, MOZ, etc.

This entails weekly monitoring of the sites ranking, Weekly Traffic Check, Caching and Crawling Check, Enquiry form Check, Goal Completion Check and monthly Ranking Report. It also includes analysis of Traffic Report using Google, Analytics Tool to understand the effectiveness of keywords being used and to measure the usefulness of the Off-Page optimization strategy.